"The mountains are calling and I must go."
~John Muir

The photographs on this website are the fruit of my decades - long love affair with landscape photography. It is a “magic window” I offer for seeing what I have had the privilege to view over the years: snow-capped peaks soaring skyward, trees clinging to vertical rock, clear-blue skies and ominous storms, fields of flowers like living rainbows. All of these scenes are woven together into a breathtaking tapestry, the closest we may ever get in this world to the visible face of God. These photographs were collected over years of hiking the backcountry of the Sierra Nevada, the most rugged mountains I have encountered in North America. From the Tuolumne Meadows to Mount Whitney, it is possible to walk more than two hundred miles without seeing a single power line or telephone pole.

In a single day, you can hike a trail that climbs several thousand feet, and then drops again as much, only to ascend once more. That kind of challenge is the price of getting to know the Sierra Nevada. But the reward is equally dramatic: an unparalleled sense of peace, quiet, and the constant invitation to contemplate the meaning of such beauty, and the presence of the One who created it. Many times I have arrived back at camp after dark because I had been unable to move from a particular spot along the trail -- not out of exhaustion, but because a sunset or storm-swept vista captured me and held me transfixed.

Many collections of photography offer landscapes from all over the country, even the whole world. I purposely limited the scope of this website to the Sierra Nevada to give you a concentrated look at one place and the opportunity to become better acquainted with it. My photographs are composed to give you the feeling that you’re standing at a window looking out on the vastness of creation. I want every person who browses through these photos to feel as if he or she has actually been there...and then to consider getting out a map, pulling on a pair of hiking shoes, and setting out to experience it firsthand.

My wife was often nervous when riding in the car with me. She thinks I pay too much attention to the world around me and too little to the road in front of me. That may be true, but I have learned that we needn’t go far to find beauty. It is usually right in front of our eyes. which need only be open and ready to see. My hope is that these photographs will help open your eyes to the splendor around you.
Larry Lewis
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